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The War in Gaza: An Historical Perspective

with Dr. Christina Michelmore

Monday, July 15th at 10am

The war raging in Gaza and the brutal attack that precipitated it is the latest and most deadly installment of 100 years of conflict over the land of Israel-Palestine.  This summinar tries to explain what caused the current conflagration by looking at two very different narratives of the conflict, one Israeli, one Palestinian.  How did this conflict start?  What keeps it going?  Is there a solution?   

About Dr. Christina Michelmore

Dr. Christina Michelmore received her BA from Smith College and her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, both in history. She spent 7 years working and living in the Middle East—in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Pakistan. In 1984, she joined the history department of Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and chaired the department off and on for the next 30 years. The author of academic articles on American attitudes to Muslims and Arabs, Dr. Michelmore regularly wrote Op Ed pieces on American foreign policy in the Middle East. After 9/11, she spent most of her time on public education about the Middle East – its people, culture, religion, and politics.
Dr. Michelmore was the academic director of the nationally recognized campus program,
“The Communities of Islam” in 2002 and the recipient of the Pennsylvania International
Educator of the Year award for 2004-2005. She retired in 2014.

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